The first step in maintaining national sovereignty is the ability to enforce such sovereignty. In today’s world Technology has been positioned in between every action and interaction between people, organizations, machines and even itself. Enforcing law and security cannot physical be done unless the infraction is first observable and/or detectible.

The Christine Gloria Project provides an infrastructure that each nation of the world can adjust to its peoples customs and political form of government including within the UN, developing up from the people, of the people, by the people and for the people, in complete respect and abidence with our many customs, legal jurisdictions and constitutional sovereignty. Its administrative structure of multi sectoral entities employs no military practices. The Advocacy Association and human oversight is to be presented and implemented in varying forms globally with respect for legal social and political climates.

WELCOME! to the Christine Gloria Project

Protecting our country, communities, cultures, Constitution and form of government, the philosophical ideals upon which we govern ourselves as a nation is not the obligation of a few specially trained individuals alone. It is the obligation of every citizen.
Operation Integrity

aims to assist you

in this very obligation.

The role of Operation Integrity and all Christine Gloria Projects is to massage and sustain the integrity of the system derived from the Constitution of the United States of America and form of government there in defined in the direction of our three overarching objectives: Liberty, Sovereignty & Justice.

Civilians when well organized and properly prepared make the best defense against tyranny and oppression. The means and the ends being one and the same. The State of the Union must at all times be of, by and for the people.

Let us not forget who it is that always has and will drive us into these far reaches. The curious, the ambitious, the indoctrinated.

In todays changing political and legal landscape, There has been a movement of growing power and momentum to subjugate the nations of the world under one global government. Some have less than honorable intentions but generally it is with the greatest of intentions that this movement operates. The problem is this, we are not subjects. We are citizens and any government that serves us gets its authority from us. For a global government to be consitutional at all it must get its authority from us and not inflict its dominance over us. We are citizens of a free nation and will not be subjugated to laws that do not reflect or worse act in direct conflict with the rights and protections our constitution and form of government provide.

Whether we agree with it or not a true global government is an inevitable development that has been gaining much greater power and momentum in recent decades. Ignoring it, denying it, resisting it, even fighting it, will not change it. Some would say it already exists, and in many ways it absolutely does. Organizations like the World Court and World Bank and World Trade Organization already enforce law and jurisdiction over many of the sovereign governments in the world.

As each state takes its seat in the UN, many federal roles will become greatly diminished and the Unions’s validity in jeopardy.


we need to whip our house into shape. No United States means No Bill of Rights. They might have left that part out of the UN pamphlet.

Global governance can be a positive society enhancing evolution, preempting our mass excursion into yet unknown realms of exploration, discovery and exploitation. It is incumbent upon everyone in America today that we should face this future with optimism, awareness, and involvement, protecting for our children and our grand children and so on, the liberty, justice and sovereignty we ourselves have been watching as of late seem to fade away.

Corruption is within the people same as the spirit of our nation. This great system and philosophy of governance endures as for it to function correctly merely requires we replace the corrupted players with those of integrity necessary for a job well done. investigating, locating and correcting any and all existing internal system weaknesses and threats. If America needs Fixin. Then not us who? not now when?

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In The United States one is innocent until proven guilty. For this reason we refrain from accusing any individuals of any wrong doing, preferring to use this great system of ours and let the evidence do the talking.

Check out our petition to have

NYPD investigated

by the United States Marshals.

As New York City is the seat of the United Nations…

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